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Acoustical Properties of Facilitation

My colleague Ron and I finished a brilliant workshop recently, teaching Facilitating TRIZ. This workshop is intended to give people trained in TRIZ the ability to practice leading others in the use of TRIZ tools in short exercises – we … Continue reading

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Beyond Brainstorming: Encouraging Team Innovation

I just had an interesting conversation with a client: he asked me how you get a team to move beyond brainstorming. Oxford Creativity have a rule in our innovation sessions, that we always create a “Solution Park” in which we … Continue reading

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The future of the umbrella

One problem from the recent bad weather we have been having here in the UK is that you can’t guarantee what the weather will be like from one hour to the next. To be prepared, you need to have an umbrella, … Continue reading

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The invisible bike helmet

As an enthusiastic, though wobbly, cyclist, I make a point of wearing my cycle helmet whenever I go out on my bike. Although there are many arguments for and against the wearing of helmets, they make me feel a little bit safer … Continue reading

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Fight Fixed Thinking

I was reading the column by Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian and I realised that following the TRIZ trimming rules would do a great job on the candle and the rings problem. You would imagine that the joining or holding piece had … Continue reading

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Intuition, Creativity and TRIZ

I have always had a bit of a problem with the role of intuition or insight in creativity. When I was first taught the psychology of problem solving and creativity at Oxford Brookes University, I remember our lecturer talking about … Continue reading

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