Cartoon Gallery

Clive Goddard has been providing us with cartoons for many years now, and his wonderful images are one of the elements to Oxford Creativity’s TRIZ Workshops that are most commented on. View all of Clive’s cartoons done for us on  – a selection of our favourites are below:

Resourceful Engineer on Beach

Clever Engineers Use Resources


Use Inventive Principle No.2: Take out any interfering properties

Donkeys 1 2 small

How do you reward innovation?

Inertia pit

Are you looking in the right places for innovation?


Make innovation a habit with TRIZ

Long walk

How are you motivating your team?


superman v team

Teams achieve more than heroes

Sometimes it can be hard to see the real problem.

Make sure you have fully defined your requirements.


TRIZ can help you break psychological inertia.

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