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The Inventive Gondola

On a recent trip to Venice I learnt a little about the design of the gondola and was delighted to discover that it displays a number of TRIZ inventive principles. The hull of the gondola is asymmetric (Inventive Principle #4) … Continue reading

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Never be stumped for resources

The use of resources is an important theme in Triz. It’s useful to develop a habit (perhaps an obsession) of always looking to use existing and/or available resources to solve a problem rather than introducing anything new. One definition of … Continue reading

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Being there and not being there

One of the moist brutal – and therefore most helpful – physical contradictions we can tackle is one of existence and non-existence. We often find (having vigorously waved the magic wand of ideal outcome) that what we really, really want … Continue reading

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Inventive Principles and the Olympic Cauldron

It was good to see a number of Inventive Principles at work in the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremony on Friday night.  Segmentation, Dynamics and Merging (among others) enabled the design to solve a number of physical contradictions: There … Continue reading

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