Intel’s New ‘Ivy Bridge’ Computer Chips

When we see the latest high-tech developments announced, it can be instructive how they still fit into the generic solutions contained in the 40 Principles. I was recently reading of Intel’s latest range of computer chips and their breakthrough new design.

For years, the computer industry has been shrinking the size of the millions (or billions) of transistors that make up a computer chip – cramming more in adds processing power in a given space, but more importantly allows the chip to run faster and consume less power. To this end, the spacing of the transistors has shrunk with each new generation of chip. To allow this trend to continue, now down to 22nm pitch, Intel has devised the Ivy Bridge chip. The change that has made this possible? Principle 17 – another dimension:

Two storey tent – another example of getting more into a given area by using ‘Another Dimension’

Instead of the transisitors being etched into the flat surface of the silicon, they are now raised up into a 3D structure.


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