This blog is written by Oxford Creativity. We are a consultancy which teaches and uses TRIZ: the theory of inventive problem solving. If you’re wondering what TRIZ is, read this.

We teach TRIZ to people (about half our time) and the other half we spend facilitating other people in the use of TRIZ to help them understand and solve problems. We don’t solve problems for people: we help them use their experience and creativity even better, so they can solve the problems themselves.

Oxford Creativity’s greatest strength is its team of consultants who all have different skills, interests and experience. My personal interest is in the psychology of innovation at work. You will hopefully spot my bias and guess that of my colleagues in the ensuing posts: one of the things TRIZ teaches us is that different people like different things, so we have always tried to have diverse consultants who will connect with people in different ways, and bring their own perspective.

You will be hearing from the whole team and I hope you find our different takes on TRIZ, it’s uses and applications, interesting. We are all TRIZ enthusiasts, as well as doing it for a living, and I hope that comes across.  I often find myself in situations such as this: Andrew, Andrea and I were on a plane coming home from a workshop. Andrew pointed out a rather funky and innovative piece of fashion wear in the in-flight magazine (imagine something that looks like a suit of armour designed for the 22nd century, made of rubber) and we all had a happy and hilarious time working through how it demonstrated each of the 40 Principles.

We hope to include some of our wonderful cartoons (drawn by the extremely talented Clive Goddard) – these illustrate the TRIZ tools in a simple and effective way that everyone can understand.

If there is anything you would like us to TRIZ,  leave us a comment below.


About Lilly Haines-Gadd

TRIZ facilitator, trainer, author and MD of Oxford Creativity - a TRIZ company based in Oxford, United Kingdom. www.triz.co.uk
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